Three Years With Adonis

  • Drama
  • Fiction
  • Romance
  • Screenplay
  • Thriller

How can anything that felt so right be so completely and utterly wrong? Zoë asks herself this exact question as she stands before the judge — and the world — when Jake has falsely accused her of domestic violence. Three years ago, when Zoë met the dashing, intelligent, and fanciful Jake, she had no idea of his dark agenda. She fell hopelessly, completely, and foolishly in love with him. Too soon she would find out what he wanted with her, and it had little to do with romance. Jake learned the art of grifting from his two elder sisters who’d made a nice, comfortable, life out of selecting, marrying, and then divorcing rich and powerful men. He sought out women who had powerful jobs, owned their own homes, and had large bank accounts, then swindled them for all they had — leaving them powerless, lovesick, and co-dependent. He had amassed a large fortune doing so and felt absolutely no remorse. By the time the story ends, Zoë loses everything, including her self-esteem. It’s about a fight for one’s self, for the right and the ability to love yourself when nobody else does, and finally, to move on with your life anew.

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