Author’s Letter

“Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.” – Shaquille O’Neal, American professional basketball player, fellow UOP alum

I wrote my first book, Three Years With Adonis, nearly two decade ago. It was immediately picked up and published by Publish America. At this time I was so naïve about this whole process that I never considered the importance of editing, especially professional editing and Publish America never suggested such. Therefore, this work had little, to no, editing prior to its release. As things turned out, it had a few pretty bad reviews, tempered by some good ones too, but not nearly enough to brand me as an author to be watched or read. However, I’ve learned an awful lot in the wake of that experience.

In the decade plus since Three Years With Adonis was penned I completed my Bachelor’s, which I began twenty years prior to then, and Master’s degrees in Business Management and have embarked on my Doctorate. I had written and published on the web over fifty five hundred articles on a variety of topics. I am incredibly adept at research and conversant on many topics where I have managed to amass a large readership following on the blogs and web sites that I contribute to. I have taken, those sometimes scathing comments, and learned from them. I have studied up, worked on and honed the craft of writing to where I believe, and most concur, that I am pretty darn good now!

The Swindler, was released on April 16th of 2010 by All Things That Matter Press. It can be purchased from Amazon. If you prefer the brick and mortar store my books can be ordered directly from the listings at the Books A Million and Barnes & Noble stores across America. I was pleased to team up with a wonderful editor by the name of Marvin Wilson who polished my work on The Swindler until it shined. I am extremely proud of this book and believe sales are steady and growing. The reviews for this book have come from a variety of industries and from some incredibly well credentialed persons that know the pulse of books and book sales across a variety of genres. These reviews have been wonderfully helpful to my potential readers and have helped me to generate a good following for this book and the next books that are certain to follow. Please peruse them at your leisure in the reviews section of this web site. For those of you who would like to have your review of my books placed on my web site please use the contact information on the bottom of the home page to locate my email address. Thank you!

Mama and Boo Boo’s Adventures on Flat Top Mountain, one of my two newest novels to be published (September 2014), is my first attempt at writing a children’s educational book. It is the first in a series of books designed to introduce children to various wildlife, build vocabulary and comprehension, along with activities to reinforce same. This book would suit children grades 4 and above, depending on where they are in the educational learning spectrum and all educational institutions. It is available as traditional paperback or eBook reader on

AbuChez and BoJean; Sisterhood of Adopted Dogs, another new novel recently published (September 2014), is for animal lovers of every age. This heartwarming tale is told through the eyes of my Australian Cattle Dog, AbuChez. It is guaranteed to make you smile, laugh, and cry. Despite the huge differences in age AbuChez and BoJean become the best of pals and sisters. Don’t miss their antics! There may be more books added to this as a series too…time will tell. It is also available on as traditional paperback or eBook reader. Enjoy!

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– Michelle Malsbury, updated on 2/13/2017