About Michelle

“They may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” – John Lennon

Michelle Kaye Malsbury is a huge Beatle’s fan. She was born May 2 in Champaign, IL. Michelle attended Parkland College and the University of Illinois before moving to Florida. Travels have taken Michelle through Mexico, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, USVI, Europe, Canada, Hawaii, and much of the USA. She is a graduate from the University of Phoenix, BSBM, MM and is three years into her doctorate with Nova Southeastern University College of Humanities studying Conflict Resolution and Peace.

Michelle’s community efforts can be measured by her work as a volunteer. She worked as a government laison for Monroe County Emergency Management during hurricane season while living in Key west, FL. She did that for over a decade. For three years she sat on the advisory board for the Creative Arts Unit for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America where she witnessed the magical transformation of at-risk youth into singing, directing, dancing, lighting, and other creative endeavors that led to college scholarships in the various arts. Over the past two decades she has fundraised for political events/candidates to run for office, championed human/animal rights/illiteracy and education. Of late she has joined many rewarding groups where she can showcase her writing skills and share them with others on her web sites that she contributes to regularly. She is a reviewer for Bookpleasures and Amazon.com. She is passionate about making enroads towards peace throughout the Middle East with her Afghanistan-Pakistan-India working group.

Michelle has worked at a wide variety of jobs over her lifetime that has helped her to devise plots and create the backgrounds for her books and screenplays. Her rich experiences from these varied occupations are reflected in the differing topics and genres she selects to write about. It isn’t often that she goes any place that she cannot find something or someone who captures her attention enough to consider them for one of her next tales. Michelle believes that life is largely what you make of it and therefore she endeavors to make the most of whatever she tosses herself into. . Many readers have told her that reading one of her books is like you, the reader, are having a conversation with her and living the story as she tells it. It is her earnest hope that you will select to read more of her works as they become available. Michelle’s latest volunteer effort is placed at the Western North Carolina Nature Center where she enjoys working with the goats, donkeys, and sheep in the petting and acts as docent in other animal education displays.